Water filter housings come in various sizes and need a water filter cartridge in order to purify water. It is usually recommended to be sure and purchase a filter wrench and a filter housing bracket if think you need one.

  • Size : 10", 20" REGULAR
              10", 20" JUMBO
  • Color : White, Blue & Transparent
  • Membrane Housing : 1812, 2012, 3012, 3213


  • Water PE Tube use to connect Inlet and outlet of water purifier, water machine and water filters etc.
  • Flexible water pipe and easy to install.
  • Use vacuum forming, with the advantage of high precision, homogeneous PE tube wall, sealing well, not easy leaking and ozeing, fit for all kinds of connectors.
  • According with CE, SGS, WQA, FDA certification Standard request.
  • Fit for all kinds of Water purifier RO System.
  • Size : 1/4" 100MTR/ROLL(10ROLL/CTN)
              1/4" 300MTR/ROLL(2ROLL/CTN)
              3/8" 100MTR/ROLL(5ROLL/CTN)
  • Color : White, Blue



Compressor, Filters, Regulators, Water Pumps, Paint Sprayers and other pressure related equipments. All stainless steel pressure gauge is widely used in oil industry, chemical industry, chemical fiber industry, metallurgical industry, power station and so on it can measure the pressure of all kinds of liquid medium in technologic process which has higher require for corrosion-proof and antivibration characters.

Range : 7kg-21kg

Model : Flang, Clamp, Bottom type

Material : 304 stainless steel


MEETEC is one of the biggest suppliers of Antiscalant balls that are used for protecting your domestic reverse osmosis filters.

MEETEC Antiscalant balls are pre-treatment products formulated to prevent, rather than remove, scaling and inorganic fouling. A preventative system maintenance program with the Antiscalant balls reduces membrane cleaning requirements while enhancing your domestic RO system performance.

Feature Specification of Antiscalant balls:
  • Purity (as P205): 68.0% min
  • Inactive Phosphate: 7.0% max
  • PH Value: 2-3
  • Water Insoluble: 0.05% max
  • Iron (as Fe): 200ppm max
  • Heavy Metal (as Pb): 10ppm max
  • Arsenic (As): 3ppm max
  • Ball Sixe: 18.5-19.5 mm
  • Appearance: Transparent Glassy Ball


Mineral water pot of high flow rate is designed to purify the drinking water for your family. It is the continuous clear water provider with no filtering function, an alternative to the bucket on the water dispenser. It's unnecessary to add water to the bucket in that the mineral water pot can control the water flow timely and accurately by the floaters, effectively preventing the overflow of water. 

  • Durable, anti-dust
  • Portability water pot
  • Widely used in RO system
  • Competitive price, high quality, long lifetime
  • Can effectively work with other water spare parts
  • Food grade ABS material will not cause pollution to water
  • Top design to extend the filtration surface area
  • Easy and convenient installation.
  • CAPACITY : 8 Ltr Tank Storage Capacity
  • MATERIAL : 100% Food Grade Material With Flot & Tube


Acrylic inline water flow meter liquid rotameter

Real value in general purpose Rota meters. In-line flow meter also named Acrylic tube Rota meter, acrylic tube flow meter. SS or ABS or PVC or PP or Brass Connection.

  • Tough machined acrylic meter body, highly polished to a clear finish.
  • Direct reading permanent scale. 
  • White back reflector for easy reading.
  • 316 stainless steel rod guided floats.
  • Acceptable in direct sunlight applications.
Range: 10-100LPH


  • No tools required,Push fit fittings.
  • Easy to use,mini quick connect push tee 1/4-Inch OD. 
  • Push fit fittings, Quick Connect Fitting 1/4" RO Water System.
  • Standard fitting for water filter systems using 6mm water filter tubing.


All these restrictors are extensively installed in one- pipe systems. Offered flow restrictor is manufactured using finest quality raw material and contemporary techniques under the strict industry laid norms. This range of flow restrictor is installed either inside or outside a shower head, and it works to reduce water use.

  • Easy to fix.
  • Ability to withstand high pressure.
  • Low maintenance.
  • IZE : 300/450/550/650.


  • Reaed Voltage : DC12V 24V 36V AC110V 220V 50/60Hz
  • Pressure Range : 0.02~0.8Mpa
  • Life Time : 100000 OPS
  • Inlet : ¼”
  • Outlet : ¼”


Our handheld MEETEC TDS, EC, pH and ORP testers for reverse osmosis (RO) water filters, water purification systems, hydroponics, aquariums, pools and many other applications are superior in construction and performance, yet made available at a very economic cost. MEETEC is the only of economical in-line dual TDS monitors that measure total dissolved solids (TDS) levels of feed and product water lines simultaneously, an effective way to compare rejection rates and gauge reverse osmosis membrane, water filter and water purification performance. With MEETEC digital water testing instruments, you'll know if your water is pure.


Cuts the RO Tubing very cleanly to ensure there are no unnecessary cuts or nicks that can cause leakage. This is a highly recommended item for cutting Pipe.

  • best quality ro pipe cutter
  • best material user
  • Fine edge pipe cutting tool


  • Float valves help in ensuring that the water tank of the water filter remains full at all times by controlling the flow of water
  • These Float valves work by automatically accessing the level of the water in the storage tank of the water purifier.
  • In case the water level is below a pre-defined point, the valve opens up automatically enabling the purified water to slowly flow into the tank. Once the tank is filled to the pre-defined position, the valve closes and prevents any further inflow of water from the inlet pipe, thus constantly maintaining the required quantity of water in the storage tank.


1/2” Brass Nipple + 1/4” Brass inlet ball valve for 1/4” inch Pipe tubing RO WATER Purifier Inlet Ball valve coupling set Diverter Gate valve On/Off Tee cock Twin Elbow faucet for connection of RO UV UF purifier filters with raw water tap ball valves.


Ro adaptor, Copper POLO Adapter Dc for Ro Water Purifier. Colour is black.

  • RO Adaptor
  • Power 36V,1.2A
  • Colour is black